Lymphatic Therapy

Professional training for those who need higher level education and certification

Michele Nelson

Michele Nelson is based in Plano, Texas in the Dallas Metroplex. She has been a trainer, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker for more than 20 years. She has a Bachelors degree from East Tennessee State University. Due to a passion for nutrition and health, Michele launched her own holistic health care practice in 2015. Lymphatics for Life was created to help clients looking for an alternative to traditional medicine. She is a Doctor of Naturopathy as well as a certified therapist and trainer.  Michele has been a practitioner of functional medicine for more than 7 years and her business continues to expand along with her education in the field of Lymphatics. Her clients call her “the lymphatic guru”. Michele has worked alongside of the top practitioners in the field. Because of the demand for training and development, Michele has now teamed with Desiree De Spong to establish Lymphatic Technology Institute. The Institute was designed to help individuals develop the skills necessary to operate with these alternative modalities. Michele’s mission in life is to educate people in Lymphatics and how their bodies function so that they can be propelled toward living in Divine Health. Her motto is, “Love your Body and your Body will Love you back.”

Desiree De Spong

Desiree De Spong is based in Tauranga, New Zealand and in her second decade of working in functional medicine and education. Desiree was introduced to Chapman Reflexes (an osteopathic view on lymphatics) while studying Ortho-Bionomy, this course lead her to further studies in the lymphatic system. After traveling to the United States to train with Allen Mills at the Centre for Lymphatic Health, Santa Barbara, Desiree began to develop her proficiency in Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy. Desiree returned to the US to study with Cory Carter from Alt Med Services, South Dakota. She has also trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Jill Griffiths from the Weller Institute in Australia. Desiree went on to develop a training program in Lymphatic Enhancement and has been an International Trainer for six years. This training is also NCBTMB approved in the United States of America. and these training seminars are available in both the USA and New Zealand. Desiree continues to further her knowledge in functional medicine, run a busy clinic and now involved in research after a recent grant approval. Desiree is passionate to see functional medicine play an important role alongside orthodox medicine.